Saturday 14 September 2013

My Lucky Day!!!

I don't often win things. Tombolas and raffles, I joke, is me making a donation to charity in a more fun way. So when my son made me a blog, to join in on blog hops and comment on other crafters lovely makes, I was really happy when Lotv picked me out to win a voucher in their draw a little while back. I thought that that was my winning something over for at least a decade, but no, I've  had another win!
When Lotv did two shows on Create and Craft on tv, I set the recorder, rang my mum to remind her about it and settled down to watch Dawny, one of the wonderful design team, and Nigel, the presenter. I sent my first ever email in as a show of support and managed to watch Dawny make two fabulous cards when Stuart came home for lunch and asked to watch 'something other than C and C again'. Well I admit I do watch it quite often .....ok a lot, but Lotv are by far my favourite company and I had been looking forward to it. Anyway I turned over, only fair during his lunch time. A bit later my mum rang, all excited, as my email had been pulled out and I had won a Dawny creation!   
The card arrived a few days later and is beautiful and is signed by Dawny and Nigel. Dawny has kindly said that it's fine to put it on my blog to show you. I'm sure you'll agree that it's gorgeous and I'm very lucky..........maybe I should start doing the lottery, lol.

Anyway, enough of my rabbiting on, here's the card I won,

If you want to see more of Dawny's fabulous work head over to her blog
Also, Lotv and Dawny are back on Create and Craft in October so check out Lotv for details

Thanks for your visit! Have a great day.
Debra x


  1. Wow Well Done Debra that's one to treasure. I also watched the show so feel like are paths have crossed already. I was lucky to have met & chatted with the lovely Dawny at Lotv where she inspired me to start my little blog. I will look forward to the next show.
    Happy Crafting. Karen x

  2. What a gorgeous card, lucky you...

    I watched the LOTV on C&C on my computer.. The internet was very in and out that day, as it often is, but I did manage to watch all of it. I'd love to visit their store but I'd never have enough money to buy what I wanted. lols..

    Don't forget to get that Lottery ticket ;)



  3. Hi Deborah. I'm so pleased that you like the card and that it's gone to a good home :) I'm like you, I win nowt!!! In fact, the only time I remember winning anything was when I sold some raffle tickets in a pub for charity and trying to be kind, I bought some myself. Guess who's ticket got pulled out? Yes mine, and I felt obliged to redraw cos I felt entirely embarrassed lol. Hugs, Dawny xxx

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower that's so lovely of you. As you can see the sun was shining when I took the photo of your card and made the glitter sparkle which was fab. I hope I'll get to your standard of card-making someday but I'll have fun trying. Thanks again, Debra x


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