Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Hot Air Balloons

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. Just to remind you that my blog candy ends today at 11.30pm so you've time to enter still.

Today's cards are more using Card-io stamps (more for the shop). This time using the Up, Up and Away stamps. I had a wonderful time with all the different colours of ink seeing which worked together. Hope you like them.

When I was making another card I forgot to add the ink for the basket on one of the balloons so I tried to stamp the basket separately but didn't line it up properly. Stuart asked what was the matter as I was muttering under my breath so I showed him, "Oh you can fix that" he said. Knowing I couldn't I did a spot of doodling on it and this was the result.

Sorry for the shadow but you can see my added extras :D.

Card Ingredients.

Card Blank- 6" x 6" Craftwork Cards.
White Stamping Card- 14½ x 14½  from Sheena Douglass.
Stamps- Card-io 'Up, Up, and Away'.
Sentiment- Sentimentally Yours from Phil Martin 'Scribbled Sentiments'.
Inks- VersaColor and ColorBox 'Cats Eyes' in lots and lots of colours!
Mask- M.F.T Cloud Stencil.

Stuart reckons I should sell the card but what on earth would I put as a sentiment?!     

Lexi and Chris are coming to the end of their time in NZ. They've done quite a few things there from snorkelling (they even had a wetsuit to fit Chris!) to sailing. They've had a wonderful time there and made some new friends with a couple from Canada who they definitely want to keep in touch with.

That's it today. I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far and you're all happy bunnies :).

Debra x


  1. Hi Debra, love the two cards, gorgeous colours and perfect clouds for them to float through. I got a huge giggle about the little men falling from the balloon basket, I hope they are all wearing their parachutes! As for sentiments Falling in Love or perhaps Hope you are back on your feet soon... Have a wonderful week... Megan

  2. ooo, so magical, I love these balloons ... great scene and colours, colours are so soft ...
    hugs xx

  3. How clever are you with the doodling. Amazing result and I just love the colours Debra, the clouds look amazing as does the whole card...Sending you big hugs.xx [aNNie]

  4. Beautiful card and I love the way you did the balloons. They look so soft and really do appear to be floating through the clouds.
    I just about spit out my coffee when I saw the stick figures falling out of the balloon on the second card. That's so funny... it does speak to a terror of mine but it's wildly funny.

  5. These are wonderful...even the daredevils!! Hang in there might be a good sentiment!! Love the soft colours and your clouds are magnificent xx

  6. What gorgeous cards, I think I bought these and haven't used them yet. I love the doodled people

  7. Such a paceful and sweet design have your cards, Debra!! Love your choice of colours for the hot balloons and the amazing cloudy sky with the warm sun!!
    The doodled people is a brilliant fix for your second card (and I'm with Megan J in the first comment... hope they all have a parachute LOL) :D
    Love the matching envelopes too, brilliant works!
    Big hugs!

  8. WOW so sooothing and beautiful to look at !!
    Dr Sonia

  9. Fab colours and love the balloons... such a fun idea with the added doodling lol :o) Hugs, Lisa x


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